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Derwent Inktense pencils

Here's a little review of these wonderful pencils.

I've had this large box of Derwent Inktense pencils for quite a while now. They sounded awesome when I got them. But I never REALLY got to play with them. I never really used the right tools that is. The tools that make it a lot of fun to use them.

I came across my big box of pencils the other day while doing a little cleaning, and decided I should do some research to find out how to use them properly.
I gathered some good quality watercolor paper, and I bought a good water brush (Pentel Aquash) too. If you're not familiar with water brushes, they're the kind that you fill up with water, and the water flows as you are mixing your watercolor paints, or disolving your watercolor pencils on the paper. They are a great tool. This particular brand works very well as you seldom need to squeeze it for the water to flow. However, I've ordered the Derwent brand too. I can't wait to receive it, as it sounds even better.

So I sketched my sunflower, and colored in the petals with a yellow pencil. I then used my water brush to spread the pigments anywhere I wanted them. The Inktense pencils work just like watercolor pencils.
I found two major differences, though. First the colors are much brighter than regular watercolor pencils, and a little goes a long way. Second, they dry like ink, which means, when they dry, you can't remove the color. So you can add as many layers as you want, your new washes won't remove the pigments of the previous ones.

I had a great time using my old toys. I can't believe it took me so long to get to know them better. I think I'll use this sketch and make a larger/ nicer version. I need to lay off the splattering a little too! All I did was rub my water brush on the Inktense pencil tip, and let gravity do its job.

Now if I could only take time, and learn how to take nice photos of my artwork...

Sunflower - 5x7" - Inktense pencils on watercolor paper


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 I wish humans were more like wolves.

Did you know that wolves are monogamous animals? They pair for life. It's only if one of the mates dies that they will find another one.

Wolf 5 - ACEO (2.5"x3.5") - Colored pencils


Wolf 6 - 5x7" - Colored pencils




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All the wonderful pictures....

... you can find on Facebook!

I particularly like this one. It reminded me of a conversation I had with my 9 year old this afternoon. She told me she was worried no one would remember her once she's dead.

So we talked about all the great things she could accomplish that would make people remember her, like Abe Lincoln or George Washington (just quoting her). She could become a great president, and finally achieve World peace. But she told me she doesn't want to be president, that the job is too tricky. So she'll have to invent or discover something. Or just be a great artist.

As for me, I don't really care if I'm remembered after I die. I just want people to buy my artwork now because that's the most gratifying feeling, and also because I need to start saving money for my daughter's higher education!



Black Cat 188 - ACEO (2.5x3.5")
for sale


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Alligator Bay

In memory of the bunnies.

This summer I visited a place called Alligator Bay. It was a fun kind of zoo with a reptile house, a bunch of turtles, and best of all, the alligator house with tons of crocodiles and alligators.

I started with the alligator house of course, and it took a while to adjust to the hot and humid climate inside. I especially enjoyed the albino aligators. Not something you see very often. I read that crocodiles and alligators usually live in climates where the temperature is close to the one of their bodies, and since their primary way of surviving is not moving at all, they barely spend any calories. So these impressive creatures don't need to eat everyday.

Before I left the alligators, I saw that feeding time was coming up. So I had time to check out the turtles in the meantime. There were all kinds and sizes. Some putting on a show for us, but I won't get into any details...
In some of the turtle enclosures I noticed a few bunnies munching on the overgrown grass. They were so adorable. I just wondered what they were doing there. But I thought it was a nice addition, and all the kids loved them. It sure was a different sight after seeing the big monster crocodiles a few minutes earlier.

Time to get back and see the alligators and crocodiles getting fed. As their keeper approched the Nile Crocodiles, he pushed a cart full of food. When he got closer to me, I could see what was on the menu. Any guesses? Dead chickens and dead... bunnies. The experience was pretty neat in spite of the poor bloody victims.

And then I realized why all those bunnies hoping in the turtle enclosures...

This was one of them:


 Bunny 127 - ACEO (2.5"x 3.5")
 for sale



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