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30 Paintings in 30 days

~ Painting #30 ~

I'm finally done with this darn challenge!! Since I started it a couple of days late, I gave myself a couple of extra days to finish it.

I'm a competitive person, and I took this challenge very literally. I was determined to have 30 pieces to show at the end of the month. Well I did, but at what cost? Whereas the first couple of weeks I had a really good time, it became stressful to have to have a piece done at the end of each day. It ended up being a bit of a creativity killer.
What I didn't realize is that the goal of the challenge was not necessarily to produce a finished piece of work every day, but rather be in the studio everyday and work. No rush, just learn something new. Whether you finish a piece that day or not is irrelevant.
I am glad, however, that it allowed me to be more creative, at least early on, and try different mediums. I did have a lot of fun, and I'm very thankful for Leslie Saeta to have shared this experience with all of us. I feel more prepared for the next challenge. I do want to try it again, but this time take my time and do it well.


A big thank you to photographer Glennis Weston for sharing her adorable photo.

Bunny 131 - 8x10" - Colored Pencils - SOLD


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30 Paintings in 30 days

~ Paintings #21, #22, and #23 ~

I hadn't done any ACEO animals in a while, so here are a few:



Tabby 103 - ACEO (2.5x2.5") - Colored Pencils - SOLD


Bunny 129 - ACEO (2.5x2.5") - Colored Pencils - SOLD


Bunny 130 - ACEO (2.5x2.5") - Colored Pencils - SOLD


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