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Monthly challenge and product review

This is my entry for the August Colored Pencil Magazine challenge.

This month, my extra challenge was to use a brand new box of Derwent Drawing Pencils. The catch is, there are only 24 colors, and they are very muted. The fun part is that they are VERY creamy, but it was also a challenge since it's impossible to keep a sharp tip. So I had to forget about details and sharp contrasts. I was able to make it work, giving my drawing a more painterly look, but I was also very frustrated that I wasn't able to use more colors. The pencils blend very well together, even when you don't want them to, and using odorless mineral spirit made them look a bit chalky and lifeless. So I gave up with the OMS, and did what I could with just the pencils. In the end, I cheated a tiny bit, and ended up using one extra pencil not in the box, a white Stabilo Woody pencil, which helped me add just a few extra white touches. Earlier on I had considered adding some Prismacolor, but it was impossible to add to the layer of the Derwent Drawing. I think they work better when you add the Drawing to the Prismacolor instead.
All in all it was a new colored pencil experience for me. I really like the Derwent Drawing pencils, but I think next time I'll mix them with the Coloursoft for a broader choice of colors (the textures are similar). There is definitely a learning curve when you're used to harder pencils. I look forward to using them again.


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