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Rose 2

It's finally ready to be shipped to a good home.

Will it be to yours?

Rose 2 - 4 x 6 x 3/4" - Oil on stretched canvas - SOLD


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30 Paintings in 30 days

~ Painting #4 ~

A couple of days ago I murdered a watercolor rose. The paper didn't take my beating, and I ended up giving up on it.
However, last night, after a long and busy day, I decided to stay up, and give it another shot. I started again from the beginning, and I did my best to keep it as simple as possible. I'm pretty happy with the result, and I'm glad I stayed up late to have a painting to post today. What I learned from this painting: persistence!

Hope you like it too.


Rose 3 - 4x6" - Watercolor - SOLD



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